Most Misspelled Word Per State in 2016

Google Insights is often a source of some good stuff, today is a thought provoking one.

Someone there got the idea to do a state-by-state tally of what word is checked for spelling via Google the most.  Some of the results are pretty funny, some are understandable and others just show how sad the teaching is in some of our schools…


A few insights they shared:

  • “Cancelled” and “desert” give Americans the most trouble, with both words appearing as the top search result in four states each.
  • Hawaii should be worried by how often Alaskans are apparently googling their home (maybe they’re all trying to move there).
  • For some reason, leprechauns are frequent topics of inquiry in Arkansas and Utah.
  • Best words that made the chart: diarrhea, banana, croissant, giraffe.

I do have a bone to pick with Google Insights for identifying two words, which have two correct spellings: 

  • Canceled/Cancelled:  According to the definition at, both spellings are acceptable, “Cancel: verb (used with or without an object), canceled, canceling or (especially British) cancelled, cancelling.
  • Gray/Grey:  Both are acceptable spellings for the same defined word per

And, all I have to say to those who can’t correctly spell the name of the state they live in (Hello Massachusetts, I am talking to YOU!) is HMMM!

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UG! Bathing Suit Season Has Begun

thiongNot that it ever ends in Southern California, we maybe take a few days off here and there when the temperature dips into the 50’s & 60’s, but, with the arrival of Memorial Day weekend, there is no mistaking that bathing suit season has officially begun.

There is really no excuse for me not to be in  peak bikini shape, having taken 12 days to bask in the Caribbean and Mexican sunshine in March, but what can I say?  I got lazy, I let my tan fade, I fell back in love with my sweatpants, I HAD to test the recipes and visit the restaurants I’ve been reviewing on my food blog: This Girl Loves to Eat, the excuses go on and on…

Now that I’ve made my confession it’s time to repent.

For a while it’ll be:

That’s a lot of goodbyes.  These are some of my very best friends and sources of comfort and joy. 😦

Have no fear my friends, you will be back (in better moderation) in no time!

In their places I commit (grudgingly) to:

  • Eat no fast food for the next 4 weeks
  • Cut out all processed foods
  • Increase my fruit and vegetables
  • In my world Wine is both a Fruit and a liquid – I am not getting rid of my glass of wine and won’t beat myself up for it.  I will drink 2 additional glasses of water for every glass of wine
  • Eat more salad with lean protein
  • Reduce my red meats and add more fish and chicken
  • Have a solid breakfast (oatmeal, fruit, high fiber cereal with skim milk, hard boiled eggs, etc.)
  • Add two snacks a day (late morning/late afternoon)
  • Don’t skip meals
  • No carbs after 5:00 PM
  • Finish eating my last meal of the day by 8:00 PM
  • Cut out desserts and sweets
  • Get off of my butt, dust off my treadmill and re-hang my TRX straps – THEN USE THEM at least 30 minutes a day
  • Become part of the “Gallon A Day” club

What is the Gallon a Day Club?  The Gallon a Day Club is a commitment to drink 128 US Gallons of Water every day for 4 weeks (28 days).  Today is my day 1.

gallonwaterDid you know that a gallon of water weighs 8.34 Pounds?  Right now you are probably thinking the same thing I am: WTF??? I am trying to lose the pudge, not add to it!  Patience young Jedi 😉 there is supposedly a method to this madness.

  • Drinking a gallon of water a day leaves less room for food, or idle snacking during the day, which prevents overeating.  Hmmm
  • Skin becomes smoother, more supple, glowing.  Less acne, fewer wrinkles, less dullness?  Sign me up!
  • Water helps you flush more of the toxins that tend to build up in your body.  128 ounces in will push themselves, and some more to boot, out in your many trips to pee.  In addition, being well hydrated makes constipation a memory and helps push out more poop too!
  • Cold Water Burns Calories.  Your body has to work harder (i.e. warm up/use calories) when you are drinking 128 ounces of ice cold water.
  • Metabolic rate increases about 30% after drinking 2 cups of water.  Boost your metabolism+burn more calories=lose more weight.
  • Drinking more water means fewer headaches since headaches can be triggered by dehydration.
  • Proper hydration: gets rid of puffiness and dark eye circles, helps you wake with more energy, and reduces acne flare ups.
  • All of this has been said to remove up to 10 years from your face!  I’ll take that.

Day 1 photos have been taken and fingers are crossed that day 28 photos reveal all of these good things plus the loss of a few pounds, some puffiness and the return of the angles in my face!  Hmmm indeed.

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Rare Treat: paid iPhone apps for FREE

I’m always on the lookout for technology I can run from my iPhone or iPad that will make my life easier, safer or more fun.  The apps listed below will help me free up space on my devices, help me find my way to safety if I’m lost without a signal or in an area unmapped by traditional navigation apps, capture an entire website in one screen shot, and will help me get back into 5K form in just 7 weeks.  The bonus is that, for a limited time, the apps are Free!  Hmmm

Free Up Space Normally $4.99   It recovers wasted space on your iOS device by:

  1. Finding duplicate photos: If you take a lot of photos/selfies you should use this feature often. This helps you find duplicate photos of all levels ranging from least similar to exact duplicates.
  2. Resizing Photos: You can save a lot of space by resizing large photos. Quality is maintained while reducing the size.
  3. Compress Photos & Videos: You can save storage space by compressing large photos & videos. Once you’ve compressed them, you can easily share them with your friends via attachments, messaging apps etc.

SwiPartyNormally $1.99

  1. Easy-to-use music map.  Swipe to stream your personal party playlist!
  2. SwiWorkout classifies and recommends workout music for you.
    Fast tempo on the right, slow ones on the left; New on top, old on bottom.
    SwiWorkout gives you a playlist immediately!
    You can suggest/add workout music you love by contacting Swibeat directly:

Run 5K ProNormally $1.99   Train to run a 5K in 7 Weeks!


  • 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week – and you’ll be able to run 5K in 7 weeks;
  • Effective training plan from professional coaches;
  • Use outdoors and on a treadmill;
  • Audio cues during all workouts to keep you focused;
  • GPS maps saved for each training session;
  • Apple Watch support.


  • Gradual increase of workout intensity for best result;
  • Inspirational quotes keep you motivated while running;
  • Motivational tips on running with each training session;
  • Listening and managing your favorite music from the app;
  • Sharing results with Facebook & Twitter friends.


  • Unlimited access to the best running music right from the app;
  • Music tempo adjusts to your workout rhythm – music plays faster as you run faster;
  • New mixes from talented DJs are available every day;
  • All genres – from Classical and Oldies to Rock, Hip-hop and R&B;
  • Convenient search and suggestions to find perfect mixes.


  • Calorie counting;
  • Detailed statistics: pace, distance, time and other parameters;
  • Synchronization of your stats & logs with an upgrade from the free version;
  • Synchronization with Apple Health app;
  • Integration with Runkeeper, Fitbit, MapMyRun.

WebpageShotNormally $4.99   

  • A simple tool to convert a webpage into an image.
  • It captures the whole web page not just what you see on the screen.
  • It also provides a screenshot extension for Safari on iOS 8.

iarrowiArrowNormally $1.99   iArrow provides navigation where there are no roads. The app will lead you back to your car, campsite or hotel and help you reach the nearest settlement if you get lost. This app features a built-in database of 2,000,000 localities around the world and does not require internet or cellular connection.

Unlike navigation systems that show a blank map, iArrow instantly launches and very clearly indicates the direction and distance to the destination. The app consumes little energy and saves battery power.

Great for travelers, fishermen, hunters, extreme or off track athletes and anyone who works in remote locations. You can save the coordinates of key points along your route to your clipboard to share via SMS, Email, Twitter, Airdrop, etc..


  • User Guide
  • You do not need an Internet connection *
  • 2,000,000 settlements in the database
  • Built-in online map
  • Ability to search for objects by address
  • Automatic detection of the address of the current position
  • Indication of GPS accuracy
  • Determination of direction using magnetic compass
  • Determination of direction using GPS coordinates
  • Radar mode that displays Favorites, History and settlements
  • Displays full information about position, speed, altitude, etc.
  • Lock screen
  • Settings
  • Metric and Imperial Units
  • Low energy usage
  • Support for iOS8 and iPhone 5/5s/6/6+


  • Support for the latitude/longitude, UTM and MGRS coordinate formats
  • Support latitude and longitude as decimal degrees, degrees/minutes/seconds etc.
  • Easy input of coordinates – special keyboards for each format
  • Setting destination using azimuth and distance
  • Convert GPS coordinates between degrees formats, UTM and MGRS on the fly
  • Viewing coordinates on an online map
  • Sending and receiving coordinates via SMS
  • Import and export coordinates via SMS, Email, and Airdrop
  • Import and export list of coordinates
  • Import and export links to Google, Apple, Yandex, and OSM maps
  • Import coordinates from the clipboard
  • Automatic determination of format of imported coordinates
  • Easily add, delete, or edit coordinates
  • Automatically save the coordinates in History
  • Search in Favorites and History
  • Sorting Favorites/History by new and nearest points
  • List of nearby settlements

I am not anxious to need the iArrow app, but I am going to load it in the off chance I ever get lost and need to find my way out of the wilderness. You can find all of these in your App Store.

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Without Gen X there is no Millennial

generation-xWhile the Millennials are the darlings of the media (think Taylor Swift), Generation X (35-55 years old) are the parents of school aged children, and are/will be the leaders in government, industry and education for the next couple of decades. Hmmm

I am a proud 48 year old member of Generation X.  I grew up in a rapidly changing medical, financial, social, and political climate.  Between 1967 (when I was born) and 1985 (when I turned 18) a lot was happening in the world:

  • Flower Power is at its peak in California 1967
  • Civil Rights Champion Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassinated 1968
  • Man walked on the Moon 1969
  • Sitting US President, Richard Nixon, resigned amid the Watergate scandal 1974
  • Punk Music Exploded onto the scene 1976
  • Ronald Reagan elected US President, his inauguration ushered in an ultra conservative era 1980/1981
  • AIDS Epidemic began 1981 (Rock Hudson becomes most “famous” face to die of AIDS 1985)

In the preface to Generation X Goes Global: Mapping a Youth Culture in Motion, a collection of global essays, Professor Christine Henseler summarized Gen X as “a generation whose worldview is based on change, on the need to combat corruption, dictatorships, abuse, AIDS, a generation in search of human dignity and individual freedom, the need for stability, love, tolerance, and human rights for all.”

Born between 1961 and 1981, the roughly 84 million members of Generation X have been  described in the media as

  • Latchkey Kids: Kids who came home to empty houses after school because their parents were at work or often away – I say this encouraged a strong sense of independence, inventiveness and entrepreneurialism.
  • The MTV Generation: Music Videos, Grunge, Alternative Rock, and Hip Hop are some of their contributions.
  • Heterogeneous: Embraced acceptance of social diversity: race, class, religion, ethnicity, culture, language, gender identity, and sexual orientation.
  • Revolutionists: Instead of replacing individual leaders as their parents did via the vote, Gen X employed social, economic and consumer pressure to enact systemic and institutional changes.
  • Highly Educated: According to a 2009 US Census Bureau report, Gen Xers have achieved higher levels of academic achievement than any generation before them.
  • First Generation in the Internet Age: 97% use the Internet, 75% use Online Banking, 62% use Social Media.

On the social front, members of Generation X:

  • Witnessed and learned resilience from the economic struggles their parents faced in the 1970’s (End of Vietnam War; Recession; Worldwide Oil Shortage; High Unemployment; High Inflation)
  • More likely to be workers – 86% of adults work 40 hours or more weekly
  • More likely to be satisfied with their lives – giving an average score of 7 out of 10
  • Life revolves around the family – 2/3 Married and 71% have children – 80% of parents expect their children to attend 4 year college
  • Involved in their communities – Schools (PTA), Religious Organizations, and Local Sports Clubs

While my parents were very definitely of the Baby Boomer Era (those born post WWII but before 1964) they were different than many of my friends’ parents.  Mine were high school students in the mid 1960’s, my dad served 4 years “in-country” during the Vietnam War, neither  graduated from college, yet we lived a pretty upper-middle class lifestyle despite the challenges they faced raising a young family in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  My parents’ attitudes more closely aligned with Generation X in many ways.  They were quite involved in our lives, they coached our teams, took part in school functions, my father had his own business and they encouraged our independence and resourcefulness, not via the latchkey, but rather via a focus on education and participation in this thing we call life.

The media wants tag Millennials (A.K.A. Gen Y/ those born mid 80’s to mid 2000’s) as “World Changers.” They may very well end up being great, but I believe that it is Generation X that has truly brought meaningful change to the world.  Without the fearlessness with which my generation attacked life, challenging old ways of doing things and striving for bigger, better and more of all things from science and technology to arts and entertainment, the Millennial Generation would have no spring board from which to jump into improving the future.

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