Most Misspelled Word Per State in 2016

Google Insights is often a source of some good stuff, today is a thought provoking one.

Someone there got the idea to do a state-by-state tally of what word is checked for spelling via Google the most.  Some of the results are pretty funny, some are understandable and others just show how sad the teaching is in some of our schools…


A few insights they shared:

  • “Cancelled” and “desert” give Americans the most trouble, with both words appearing as the top search result in four states each.
  • Hawaii should be worried by how often Alaskans are apparently googling their home (maybe they’re all trying to move there).
  • For some reason, leprechauns are frequent topics of inquiry in Arkansas and Utah.
  • Best words that made the chart: diarrhea, banana, croissant, giraffe.

I do have a bone to pick with Google Insights for identifying two words, which have two correct spellings: 

  • Canceled/Cancelled:  According to the definition at, both spellings are acceptable, “Cancel: verb (used with or without an object), canceled, canceling or (especially British) cancelled, cancelling.
  • Gray/Grey:  Both are acceptable spellings for the same defined word per

And, all I have to say to those who can’t correctly spell the name of the state they live in (Hello Massachusetts, I am talking to YOU!) is HMMM!

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