Big Moving Problem Solved!

narrowstairturnI saw a video from an episode of This Old House on Life Hacker this morning and just had to share a great idea for moving a Full, Queen or King sized box spring up a narrow staircase, around hallway corners or through tight doorways.  I can’t believe I didn’t know about this simple fix on any of my moves before!  Hmmm

You’ll need these tools:
– Slotted screwdriver
– Handsaw
– Bungee cord
– Hammer
– Cordless drill with 5/32-inch-diameter drill bit
– Cordless impact driver/screwdriver
– Staple gun

TIP:  I’d also get out your vacuum cleaner and put the hose attachment on and take this opportunity to get rid of any dust that may have accumulated on the springs through any small tears or holes in the fabric at the bottom of the box spring.

If your fabric has any tears this is a great time to replace it.  If you need to replace any, you don’t even need to know how to sew, using the supplies I’ve linked to below!

I would look at the undersides of your mattresses at least a month before your move to determine if any need to be replaced.  If they do:

  • Measure the bottom of the box spring, adding an inch all the way around.
  • Either go to your local fabric store or go online and order your fabric  (The one I prefer comes in 119″ width) at:

You can buy your fabric anywhere, but I find the best deals and most to choose from at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  They always have some kind of coupon to use in stores or online and they deliver quickly so your project isn’t delayed.  I don’t work for them, I just shop here.

Once you’ve ordered the fabric for as many beds as you’ll be doing, all you have to do is wait for it to get there then you can get to work on making your new box spring under coverings.

    1. Double check the measurement of the bottom of your box spring + 1″ per side (top and bottom, left and right)
    2. Cut your fabric to your measurements.
    3. Using your iron, press down the edges of your fabric so you have a clean edge to staple when you are re-assembling your box spring.
    4. Make sure to mark each finished piece you do with the name of the bed and bedroom so that your pieces match the bed they are supposed to.
    5. Fold the pressed pieces down into a size that fits into a large zip bag (I buy the 5 gallon size for projects like this – at Bed, Bath & Beyond or on – so I can put of them in one)

How to Move a Box Spring In a Narrow Area:

  1. Lay a large tarp on the driveway, then place the box spring facedown on the tarp.
  2. Use a narrow slotted screwdriver to pry up the staples that secure the fabric to the bottom of the box spring.
  3. Peel back the fabric to expose the wood frame.
  4. Pry up and remove the metal support bar.
  5. Fold down the fabric on each of the long sides of the box spring.
  6. Use a handsaw to cut through the 1×3 wood strapping on each side.
  7. Fold the box spring in half, then secure it with a long bungee cord.
  8. Carry the folded box spring up the stairs and into the bedroom.
  9. Unhook the bungee cord and flatten out the box spring.
  10. Use a hammer and a 2×4 block to straighten out any badly bent box-spring wires.
  11. Drill 5/32-inch-diameter pilot holes at an angle through the strapping cut in Step 6.
  12. Reattach the cut strapping with two 2 1/2-inch-long screws; repeat to secure the cut strapping on the opposite side.
  13. Replace the metal support with a 1×3 cut to length.
  14. Screw the 1×3 to the wood frame of the box spring.
  15. Staple the fabric back onto the underside of the box spring.


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Shattering the Glass Ceiling

glassshatterersI’m taking a short but sweet moment to reflect upon a really important historical moment for me and every woman young and old.  Hmmm

Tonight Hillary Rodham Clinton added another job title to her resume:

  • Daughter
  • Lawyer
  • Women’s & Children’s Rights Advocate
  • Wife
  • Mother
  • First Lady of Arkansas
  • First Lady of the United States of America
  • Senator for the State of New York
  • Secretary of State
  • Democratic Nominee for President of the United States

A woman, not just any woman, a woman who has had to crawl through the muck and mud of Washington politics while being hosed down with gasoline and simultaneously dodging lit matches, first as a supportive spouse, then a member of the team and finally as the top dog poised to shatter the final and thickest glass ceiling, has earned the nomination of her party for President of the United States of America.


It’s a proud moment in history that carries with it the irony that, if she is elected, she will earn the exact same pay as if a man were elected to the office and will have begun making good on her first campaign promise, “gender pay equality.”


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Build an Elliptical Desktop in 30 Minutes

xcx_1050I moved my elliptical machine into my guest room/office this week to make room for the new rowing machine I just “had to have” but had no room for in the workout portion of the garage.  I had the space available and, after adding some component shelves to the walls beneath and beside the “extra” TV I gained this week when my husband insisted the spare bedroom needed a 40″ high def TV, (Don’t get me started, at least it was a daily deal on Amazon) it might spur me to get off my ever expanding backside more during the day.

The only rub was that I have always disliked the magazine/iPad tray on this Nordictrack CX 1050 Elliptical that caused heat to build up on the touch screen beneath.  So, lightbulb! I’d get a desk to stretch between the stationary arms so I could use my new favorite tech toy: Logitech k480 3 device Bluetooth wireless keyboard to use my laptop via the nifty screen mirroring app that came on the Sony DVD player that I attached to the old TV so, when I wasn’t striding and working on my blogs, I’d be able to watch videos & Netflix, etc. while spending hours on the elliptical.  Let’s not all fall out of our chairs at the same time laughing hysterically.  Hmmm

ellipticaldeskOf course, the desktop I ordered came nowhere close to working.  Undeterred, I gathered up scrap wood from some of my other “projects of desperation,” as I call the things I build when I can’t find what I need to suit my purpose, and set about making a desk that would work for me.  The best news for anyone who doesn’t have power tools, or isn’t comfortable using them, is you can go to Home Depot (or Lowe’s) and they’ll cut your wood for free and the whole thing can be assembled with wood glue if you don’t want to use screws.


  • 1 Piece 24″ x 12″ wood sanded  (I glued & clamped 2 scrap pieces together)
  • 1 Piece 1″ x 2″ x 26″ wood sanded
  • 1 Piece 1″ x 2″ x 30″ wood sanded
  • 1 Piece 1″ x 8″ x 24″ wood sanded
  • 1 Piece 1″ x 2″ x 12″ wood sanded
  • Wood Glue
  • Clamps

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Lay the piece of 1″ x 2″ x 30″ wood (on it’s 2″ wide side) on your work surface.  Measure 15″ across and mark the enter point of your wood.  This is the cross member that will lie underneath the desk across the widest part of the stationary side arms of your machine.  The portion of the arms that are furthest away from the computer / screen of the machine.
  2. Measure 6″ away and lay down your 1″ x 2″ x 26″ piece of wood (sitting up tall on it’s 1″ skinny side) to begin to form the slope for a better viewing and working angle – this is where you will see the piece of leftover closet rod I used.  Measure 13″ across and mark the center point of your wood.  This piece is the piece of wood that will be sandwiched between the two pieces of wood that create the angle of the desk that will be closest to the front of your elliptical machine’s moving handles.  My machine handles move in a very compact movement, so these measurements work for my model (shown above).  You may need to adjust the measurements at this point to make sure that your arms have enough room to move once the desktop is glued down in step 4.
  3. Apply a line of wood glue to both of these pieces of wood on the portions facing up toward the ceiling.  I use Gorilla Wood Glue.  It dries in about 30 minutes and holds tight.
  4. Mark the center point of the piece of 24″ x 12″ wood at the top and bottom and connect the points with a solid line on the side that will be underneath (facing the floor and glued to the cross members).  Mark a point down from the top at 7″ at both ends and in the middle and draw a line connecting the marks and crossing the middle line.
  5. Lay the piece of 24″ x 12″ wood with the line side facing you, then lay the top cross member (1″ x 2″ x 26″) glue side down, matching the center point you marked at 13″ with the center line on the desktop underside, and make sure the cross member is in perfect alignment with the edge along the top.  Clamp the cross member to the top firmly.
  6. Match the center mark on the 30″cross member with the intersection point on the lines you drew on the underside of the top, line the top edge of the cross member up with the line all the way across, then firmly press the glued side down, clamping at the ends. There will be an excess 6″ that is not attached to anything beyond the 30″ cross member.
  7. With the bottom of the desktop still facing up, make sure that you can see the center point marking at 13″ then mark a point 2″ in from each end of the top cross member.
  8. On the bottom cross member make sure the center point is clearly marked at 15″ then mark a point 3″ in from each end.
  9. Remove the clamps and run a line of glue across both cross members between the marks you made.  Do not run the glue all the way to the ends.
  10. Take the piece of 1″ x 8″ x 24″ wood and mark the top and bottom edges at 12″ (the midpoint width-wise).  Line up with the center points you marked on the cross members and press the 1″ x 8″ x 24″ firmly in place.  Open the clamps up a bit and re-clamp the sandwiched cross members in place.  Allow the glue to dry for 30 minutes.
  11. Turn the desk over and allow the clamped ends to overhang your work surface (I put it in place on the elliptical so I could finish the last step while it dried).elldesk1
  12. Make sure you can clearly see the marked center point at the bottom of the desktop.  Take the remaining piece of 1″ x 2″ x 12″ wood, mark the center point at 6″ about 3/8″ up from the bottom of the wood when stood up on it’s end.
  13. Run a line of glue along the edge of the desktop facing you 6″ out each way from the center point.  Spread it with your finger so it won’t drip while you are placing the 1″ x 2″ x 12″ with the edges aligned at the bottom so that the 1″ x 2″ stands above as a lip or edge that guards against your keyboard, iPad, Book or Magazine slipping off while you are striding.  You can secure it with a expandable clamp, or strap clamp meant to stretch for this purpose, or do like I did and, using 1 1/2″ trim screws and my power screwdriver, sink a couple of screws in from the front and fill with wood filler to hide the holes.


  • I used 2 1/2″ wood screws driven up from the bottom through the closet rod because the round surface against the two flats didn’t adhere as well with the glue.
  • I used 1 1/4″ trim screws from underneath to secure the 30″ cross member to the desktop so that everything was extra secure.

Yours will be more “finished” looking than mine because I was utilizing scraps and you’ll be cutting to exact measurements with new pretty wood.

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Funny Video Whether You Vote Elephant or Donkey

elevsdonk1We’ve all seen political candidates come out to address a crowd with a popular song blaring in the background, but have you ever stopped to think about whether the candidate has the permission of the artist who sang the song, or the publisher who owns the rights to the song?  I never have, and apparently neither have many candidates.

Last week Donald Trump pissed off Queen, who have requested he not use their music at his campaign events many times, when he took the stage at the Republican National Convention to their hit song, “We Are the Champions.”  Queen guitarist, Brian May, took to Twitter and made it clear that he, and the rest of the surviving members of Queen, do not approve:


Apparently believing that all mentions on Twitter are good mentions, the Trump campaign then used the Beatles classic, “Here comes the Sun” as Ivanka Trump took the stage on Thursday night.  While she was the sole ray of sunshine in an otherwise nasty festival of name calling and mudslinging, the campaign again failed to get the proper permissions and the Estate of George Harrison, the song’s writer, was not amused, stating that it was unauthorized, offensive and against their wishes.

The issue isn’t new and one of the song use conflicts goes back to the 1980’s, when Ronald Regan was one of the first to use Bruce Springsteen’s massive hit, “Born in the USA.”

There is a great article, written in November of 2012, by Eddie Deezen for, in which he describes how many Americans from every walk of life have so badly misunderstood the true meaning of the words of Springsteen’s song, and have turned it into the “ultimate All-American song,” when, in fact, it is an angry song about how horribly the Vietnam Veterans were treated upon their return home from war.

Over the years artists have taken offense to having their songs affiliated with campaigns and candidates haven’t always chosen songs wisely when trying to communicate their messages:

  • 1984 – Ronald Regan (Republican): “Born in the USA”  Bruce Springsteen says that his song is, “far from a Rah, Rah America song…that the song has a much darker side” he asked for the Regan campaign to stop using it and they did.
  • 1996 – Bob Dole (Republican): He got shot down twice.  First by Isaac Hayes and David Porter who co-wrote “Soul Man,” as performed by Sam Moore, and later the Blues Brothers; then Bruce Springsteen, who again did not want “Born in the USA” used by a politician.
  • 2004 – John Kerry (Democrat): He made a choice that backfired on him when he chose Creedence Clearwater Revival’s, John Fogerty penned, “Fortunate Son,” which he wrote in response to the romance between Eisenhower’s son & Nixon’s daughter, making the dig that neither family would see a son sent to Vietnam.  Kerry, a proud Vietnam Veteran, likely chose the song as a dig at the incumbent George W. Bush, who never saw action in Vietnam because of his wealth and family ties that kept him stateside. Kerry lost the election.
  • 2008 – Rudy Guiliani (Republican):  “Rudi Can’t Fail” The Clash penned the song as an ode to an irresponsible young man being criticized by his elders.  FYI, Rudy Guiliani, while dubbed “America’s Mayor,” citing his grace, strength and stamina in the days, weeks and months following 9/11, did fail.  He lost in the primaries and never made it past the nominating process.
  • 2008 – John McCain/Sarah Palin (Republican):  First McCain chose ABBA’s “Take a Chance on Me” then he switched the campaign theme song to Heart’s “Barracuda” after adding Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate because it was her nickname in high school.  Heart, of course, wanted nothing to do with that dumpster fire of a campaign.  It failed.

John Oliver, host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, highlighted a few of the ironic songs the campaigns have used this campaign cycle with a touch of snark and then got a group of musicians who’ve had their music used without their permission, to collaborate on a very tongue-in-cheek song and video to try and get the message across to politicians in a way they might understand, a video resembling a campaign ad:

Copyright law and publishing rights are on the books for the protection of the artists.  It’s time they put some muscle behind their tweets and start making the campaigns, who thumb their noses at them and continue to blatantly use their music, pay for their offenses.  Take them to court when a standard cease and desist letter doesn’t get the desired result.  Hmmm!

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A 30 Minute Full Body Workout That May NOT Kill Me!

I bought a set of TRX straps as well as a TRX Rip Trainer earlier this year and, to be perfectly honest, I have barely used them since March…

I just came across a workout using the straps in Shape Magazine that looks like it may not kill me (LOL) and says it works the entire body in about 30 minutes.  There is even video demonstration included!  Hmmm.


There’s nothing better than a full-body workout on days you just want to kick your own butt. And the TRX Suspension Trainer is the perfect tool, as it allows you to perform over 300 (!) exercises using just its straps and your own bodyweight. Plus, it can be found in most commercial gyms across the U.S. (so you don’t have to string it up from your rafters).

We tapped Erin Bulvanoski, trainer at KORE in New York City, for her best tone-all-over, TRX workout you can do wherever you can strap in. For the best results, perform each for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds then repeat before moving to the next exercise.

1. TRX Jump Squats

TRX Jump Squat

A Face the midpoint of the TRX, one handle in each hand. Pushing glutes back and knees out, squat down until butt goes passes knees, arms raised above your head still holding handles.
B Jump up into the air, land and repeat.

“This is a real calorie scorcher because it gets the heart rate going and works the largest muscles in the body—the legs and glutes,” says Bulvanoski.

2. TRX Single Leg Lunge

Single Leg Squat TRX

A Face the midpoint and grab both handles with slight bend in elbow. Step right leg behind you and lunge down so right hip is directly over right knee, left knee stacked over left ankle.
B Using legs, push back up to standing. Do 45 seconds, then switch legs.

Bulvanoski reminds you to be sure to use your legs to propel yourself up from the lunge so you really work the quads rather than relying too much on your arms to help you.

3. TRX Bicep Curl

Bicep Curl

A Face the midpoint, one handle in each hand, palms facing up, arms fully extended in front of you. Lean body back on a diagonal, keeping straight arms and straight legs still.
B Keeping core tight, bend at the elbows and curl hands towards shoulders. Lower back down.

“Keep your elbows in the same place the entire time—don’t let them flare out,” says Bulvanoski. “It makes for more of a challenge and will help to isolate the biceps.”

4. TRX Tricep Curl

TRX Tricep Press

A Face away from the midpoint, one handle in each hand, arms extended overhead, palms facing down and body tilted toward the floor on a diagonal. Without moving the rest of your body, bend elbows and bring hands towards forehead.
B Without moving elbow position, straighten arms again.

“Try not to let the TRX bands sway,” says Bulvanoski. “Only move your arms to really feel the work in those triceps.”

5. TRX Chest Press

Chest Press TRX

A Face away from the midpoint, one handle in each hand, arms extended forward, walk your feet back until your in a high plank position, body in line from head to toe. Bend at the elbows and lower into a push-up, bringing the chest down to the same level as your hands.
B Push back up until arms are fully extended.

Again, it’s important to keep your core tight and body in a straight line. “This will ensure you’re isolating the chest, arms and back,” says Bulvanoski.

6. TRX Plank

TRX Plank

Sit on the ground facing the midpoint and place both feet in the bottom loops of the TRX bands. Flip over so you’re facing away from the midpoint. Place your hands on the ground shoulder width apart, and using your arms and legs, push your body off the ground so you’re in an elevated plank, body in line from head to toe and hold.

“For an added challenge, lower down to your forearms, then back up to your hands while trying to keep your hips as still as possible,” says Bulvanoski. You’ll feel it in your abs!

7. TRX Atomic Pushup

Atomic Pushup

A Start in elevated plank position. Keeping legs together, raise your hips, bringing knees towards your face.
B Return to plank position, perform a push-up, then repeat.

“This move works the entire body, with special emphasis on the abdominals,” says Bulvanoski.

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The Questions People Ask Google

googleweedquestionsI had some time to kill this morning and saw a headline that teased answers to the 10 answers people ask most about marijuana on google.  Of course that meant I had to click on the link to  (thank God I have no plans to run for office and the contents of my internet searches  wouldn’t be of interest to anyone).  While funny, intriguing and certainly worthy of someone’s consideration, I have to admit that reading them led me to a few other questions of a more journalistic nature.

But to get to those, I guess we first should look at some of the things enquiring minds just have to know, so they seek out the always helpful Google.  Just for fun, I’ve added some snark in red:

  1. Will I get higher if I hold in my hit longer?  A real head scratcher I know, but, disappointing though it may be, the answer is NO.  More than 95% of the THC is absorbed into the system within seconds of inhaling.
  2. If I smoke before exercising, will I increase my endurance?  Hmmm, I’ve never known any of my weed smoking compatriots to be bundles of unspent energy…  To hear Google describe it, exercising while high is just “capital.” Wink and nod to Curly Bill Brocius of Tombstone fame.  Science says Cannabis raises metabolism, helps with muscle recovery after the workout and helps increase endurance. Cannabinoid receptors in our brain are calmed by the THC, reducing anxiety and increasing stamina.  All that fun stuff about endurance and stamina, but I don’t see anything about giving you more energy or motivation to perform the workout…
  3. Is weed stronger now than it was in the 1970’s?  Well, DUH!  Since people had to sneak around dark alleys to find the crap smuggled in from Columbia and smoke it down to the stems and other woody parts then vs. today, when it’s not so hard to come by, OF COURSE IT IS!  Who needs Google for that answer?
  4. Is there a way to reduce my high quickly?  UM, what’s the point of getting high if you just want to get it over with?  For the newbies or scardy cats (who really have nothing but a mad snack attack to fear) drink icy cold water, eat super spicy food or eat citrus fruit and you’ll be back to your boring self in no time.
  5. Can I make dabs at home?  This one stumped me.  Not being a connoisseur of any type of edible nor an afficienado of the herb as smoked, I don’t even know what a dab dabs1 is.  The weed blog tells me that it is butane hash oil smoked to get “as high as you possibly can.”  Ooookay.  I digressed.  Google’s answer was that some expert home users have used a hair straightening iron and some parchment paper.  My guess would be that some more internet research would need to be done on this topic.
  6. What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?  Again, WHAT?  This one apparently even stumped some users.  This is a recreational drug discussion here people, you’re getting way too technical… For those who just must know all of the proper names for the strains, Google says Indica strains are meant to calm, relax and reduce anxiety – great for nighttime tokers, while Sativa strains induce creativity and heighten energy for daytime smokers.

That does however lead to some more of my questions:

  • How many states, as of today, allow legal recreational use of marijuana?  Right UnitedStatesofMarijuananow there are only 4.  Washington & Colorado since 2012 and Alaska, Oregon, & the District of Columbia since 2014.  Maine & Nevada have initiatives for recreational use on the ballot in 2016.  There are 16 states where use/possession of minimal amounts of marijuana have been decriminalized and 25 states that have passed medical marijuana laws.  It is absolutely amazing how many cases of anxiety, chronic depression, glaucoma, and other ailments that only respond to treatment by cannabis prescription have been written since those laws have passed 😉 

To that end, other questions asked of Google are the semi-obligatory:

  • Where do I find a doctor to write me a prescription for marijuana?  Can these people walk and chew gum at the same time?  Google the area OF COURSE! Check the ratings and reviews and you’ll find dozens upon dozens of doctors more than willing to write you a prescription for weed to smoke, to eat, to drink as tea, and God knows what else…
  • Can I become addicted to cannabis?  PEOPLE, how many times does Google have to tell you NO?  Weed isn’t physically addicting.  Mentally is a whole nother discussion…; and the giant pink elephant in the room of all marijuana discussions…
  • Why is cannabis still not legal in the United States as a whole when alcohol and cigarettes, which are physically addicting, are legal?  Google didn’t have any good answer, except to say that the Federal Government hasn’t figured out how to exploit it for the maximum financial benefit OF the government.

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Sorry Parents, It Is All Your Fault

helicopter-parent-1024x768It sucks that no matter where we turn we are being judged on our skills as parents.  We get called everything from too soft to too hard by those who appoint themselves judge, jury and executioners.  We all want to point to society, other kids, and TV as co-conspirators in the behavior of our little darlings, but the reality is that the buck starts and stops with what we practice and allow at home.  As much as I hate to admit it, and to point out the obvious,  if your kid is turning into an obnoxious brat you are to blame.  Hmmm

Society calls you a “Helicopter Parent” destined to raise a “fragile” child:

  • If your entire life revolves around your children and their activities;
  • If you shield them from every disappointment, every slight, injury or conflict;
  • If you hover around them 24/7; and
  • If you swoop in to rescue them, fight their battles with teachers, coaches, friends, co-workers/bosses (yeah it happens), and solve every problem for them.

What this is creating in the real world is a segment of this generation of up and coming workers and leaders who:

  • Demonstrate stunted maturity and social growth;
  • Lack confidence;
  • Fear failure;
  • Experience higher anxiety – often leading to more use of prescription drugs; and
  • Show more anger and resentment than their more well-adjusted peers

Some other ways that we, as a society of parents, are creating bratty kids are:

  • Making excuses for our kids’ bad behaviors (hitting/biting/etc.) by referring to them as a temporary stage and letting them go without consequence.
  • Not establishing expected behaviors from the beginning and not following through with age appropriate discipline for inappropriate or dangerous behaviors;
  • Being afraid of others judging us as “too harsh” or ruining our child’s self-esteem by disciplining them.
  • Failing to remove a misbehaving or melting down child from the situation so that others aren’t annoyed, instead teaching them they can act anyway they please and you just don’t care….
  • Not letting kids grow up/assume age-appropriate responsibility/accepting their maturity; instead attempting to keep them “innocent.”
  • Not restricting what kids watch on TV, not talking to kids about what they’re seeing in society as well as the media and not making clear how they are expected to behave.
  • Giving in to the whining when we tell our kids “No.”  Rewarding that behavior only makes them into more entitled brats….
  • Letting our children have a vote in how our households and/or lives are run.  Newsflash!  You are the parent!  You don’t need to negotiate or explain anything to get your child to agree to it. You need to take the reins and establish who is in charge so that the problem below does not occur.
  • Letting your child call you names, act disrespectfully toward you in front of other adults or their friends, or demand things without saying please or thank you – can we all say it together? “Out of control, disrespectful, entitled, spoiled brat!

The good news is that it is never too late to undo the damage ignoring the behavior, or chalking it up to a “stage that will pass” has already done.  As parents it IS our responsibility to fix the behaviors we helped instill.  Your kids will hate the changes (maybe) but their friends, teachers, coaches, future spouses, and bosses will thank you.  Start today!

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Did You Know?

killerkangarooI’ve been errant in posting while on a very needed vacation. Hmmm

I love random facts so here are some I have come across in the past couple of weeks.

Did you know…

  • you shouldn’t brush your teeth until 30 minutes after a meal because eating softens your tooth enamel and brushing sooner could damage it?
  • a bag of skittles has 50% of the RDA of Vitamin C?
  • if you place a wet paper towel around a warm beer bottle then place the bottle upright in the freezer it will chill in about two minutes?
  • the big jolly, white bearded man in the red suit we are accustomed to seeing as the embodiment of Santa Claus was created by Coca Cola?
  • cracking your knuckles doesn’t cause arthritis or hurt your bones, the sound you hear is gas bubbles bursting?
  • the dot over the lower case j or i is called a “tittle”?
  • a group of pandas is called an “embarrassment”?
  • scientists concluded that the chicken came before the egg because the protein needed to make egg shells is only made by hens?
  • in Australia kangaroos kill more people than sharks?

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