Beware iPhone/iPad Wifi Assist

wifiassistToday is very short.

Users of Apple iPhones and iPads have begun complaining that an update to their operating system has resulted in unexpected data overages.  They are not imagining things.

Apple seems to have found a sneaky way to make it seem like they never lose data connection by boosting the crappy wifi adaptors in their products via installation and automatic activation of a feature called, “wifi assist” in the most recent ios9 update!  What this does is turn on your cellular data plan (the one you pay for – remember: wifi usage is free) to boost poor quality wifi signals.

While it seems like a good idea, consider the following:

  • Using Wifi on your apple devices is free – if your cellular data kicks in, it draws down your monthly contract allotment and you will run out, causing you to be charged for excess data usage at a higher rate per mb
  • Unlike the Facebook charge hoax that circulated yesterday, this story of a “hidden” potentially costly feature in ios9, is indeed true as reported on:  CBS News , Gizmodo, Mac World, zdnet, refinery29 and many other tech websites yesterday.  Click on any of the links above and you’ll be able to see the information.

I have unlimited data on my iPhone, thank God for the Grandfather clause in my plan, but not on my iPad.  Lo and Behold I checked, in the very strangely placed location for the on-off button, and found that the feature was automatically enabled on my iPad.

For those who don’t want to pay for a bunch of sneaky minute charges, here is how to turn off wifi assist:  The off switch is somewhat buried, located in Settings>Cellular near the very bottom of the screen, under the cellular settings for all of the apps installed on the phone. Click the button on the screen to off and you are good to go.

As soon as my husband gets home, I am making sure his settings are changed too!  Hmmm indeed!

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2 thoughts on “Beware iPhone/iPad Wifi Assist

  1. Stephanie Munno

    Can you tell me where it is on the ipad mini. I have found it on my iphone, but I don’t seem to be able to find it on my ipad for some reason.
    Thank you.


    1. If your iPad mini has cellular (mine does) not all do, you will find it in the same place. Does your bill show a phone number and data plan associated with your iPad? If it doesn’t have a cellular plan you don’t have to worry about it – wifi is free.


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