iPhone, iPod or iPad Not Charging?

ichargerI have been through every version of the iPhone and am now on an iPhone 6.  I had a 2nd Generation iPad and upgraded to an iPad Air 2 with both cellular and wifi options for connection, as well as purchasing an iPad Mini for my husband.

The change from the old style charging cable to the lightning cables/port was great, for a while, but now, despite using Apple branded/supplied cables, blocks and docking stations, my Apple products display these messages intermittently:

  • Not Charging
  • This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone/iPad (whichever happens to be plugged in)

To say I am frustrated is an understatement!  I love my Apple products (although I am a loyal PC girl) but I am at my wits end – I’ve even gone so far as to buy a Samsung Android based phone on another carrier just so I know I always have a hot backup.  Even I see that as an absurd waste of money.  I NEVER had this problem on the older versions of my iPhone and iPad but since I’ve upgraded I’ve had nothing but issues!

I’ve scoured the internet and read articles, forums, blog posts and watched videos all describing the same issue I’m having, but none of the suggested fixes have stopped the problems I am having!

All of the articles came to the same three conclusions:

  1. The wall adaptor (i.e. Block) is bad
  2. The Lightning or 30-pin USB cable is bad
  3. The charging port on the iPhone/iPad/iPod is bad
  4. The internal battery is bad
  5. The software has crashed and needs a refresh

Suggested Fixes:

  • Move to another wall plug – you could be using a bad outlet
  • Change the USB charging cable (The cables are prone to fraying at both ends and are covered under the Apple warranty.  It may be able to be swapped for free if you have a recently purchased Apple product)  If you are using a third party cable, make sure it’s a certified Apple compatible product (the cheap ones usually aren’t and fail a lot).  Amazon Basics are reliable and less expensive third party options, plus they have longer options than the standard supplied USB cables.  If you an charge via your computer, but not via the wall charger, or vice versa, your cable is not the problem.
  • Use a different charging block
  • Do a “Hard Reset” by pressing the power and home key simultaneously until the Apple logo appears then let go and let the reset finish

None of these suggested problems or fixes for them resolved my problem.

Today, after another day of struggling to keep my phone charged, I came across an article on c|net that suggested the problem could be microscopic debris in the USB port on the computer, the charging block, the USB Port on the computer/charging block/phone charger/portable charger, Or even the USB end of the charging cord.  Finally something new (that made sense) and that I hadn’t tried!


Think about the places that iGadgets get left: pockets, purses, briefcases, backpacks, desks, counters, floors, center consoles, car seats, virtually everywhere that dust, lint, dirt, and gunk gather.  That poor little charging port doesn’t have a chance!

A trick suggested by an Apple Guru is to take a small anti-static brush or brand new toothbrush and gently brush out your iPhone’s charging port.  Toothbrushes work well because the bristles don’t conduct electricity.  Make sure to brush out the USB ports on your computer, charging blocks, car chargers and the other ends of your charging cords then plug everything back in.

Hopefully you see the little lightning bolt in the right top corner of your device and your problem is solved.  If you don’t you may need to see if you’ve somehow damaged your charging port by getting it wet…I hope not because that could require either an expensive fix or complete replacement of your device.

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