Does He Not Realize He’s Turning You Off?

breaking-up-ex-girlfriendIn case you didn’t catch the recent article in Men’s Fitness Magazine, there are some very specific things that can turn a date with great possibilities into a chaste kiss at the door and an abrupt, “I’ll call you,” in no time flat. Hmmm

According to more than 500 real women polled, and a few other resources I found, these are the least attractive traits women find in the men they date:

  • Cocky: Acting Entitled and better than others
  • Bad Breath!
  • Being a Douche: Trying to upstage anyone and everyone
  • Conceited: Me, Me, Me behavior, conversation and interests
  • Chauvinistic: Puts women down to make him feel better about himself, or feels one woman isn’t enough
  • Dishonest
  • Lack of Communication: Always making plans at the last minute
  • Complaining about anything and everything.  Nothing is ever good enough for this blowhard who makes no effort to change what he’s complaining about or ask that it be made right
  • Lazy: Only makes the minimum effort to get by, no drive, no passion, no goals; leaves making of all plans up to you
  • Lack of Confidence or Insecurity: “Woe is Me” and “I’m not good enough” are definite turn offs as are controlling and jealous behavior intended to divert your attention from anyone else
  • Braggart: I obviously thought you were pretty great when I agreed to date you, I don’t need or want to hear how great you are FROM YOU
  • Aggressive Physical Behavior: Acting like you own me is a total turn off.  I don’t need to be pawed at in public just so you can prove your manliness to other men or show “She’s with me!”
  • Obsessed with Money
  • Irresponsible with his money (always crying poor) or Cheap
  • Poor Personal Hygiene
  • Undependable/Careless: Blows off dates, doesn’t return calls, depends on texts as main form of communication
  • Acting like you are his Therapist: Enough with the talk about your ex!
  • Rude:  Burping and Farting in Public as if he’s with the guys, Dismissive, Quick to Anger, Uses Racial/Sexual/Inappropriate Language, etc.
  • Sloppy in Appearance, His Home or Car 

badbreathNot only are the majority of these traits deal breakers, I think the existence of even a few  should set off red lights and warning bells. If these are the kind of men you are consistently attracted to or attracting, you might want to take a step back and examine what is drawing you toward these uncouth, unacceptable men.  Hmmm

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