Pointing Out the Idiocy in DC Isn’t Fun

americaheartI love this country.  I am a history geek and a political junkie. Anyone who thinks I enjoy pointing out every ill or poorly advised, moronic, illegal, unethical, immoral and dangerous thing that the Donald Trump White House has done in their first 3 weeks, couldn’t be more wrong.

Whether I think the man occupying the Oval Office is a buffoon or not, he is The President of The United States, and he swore an Oath to Uphold the Laws and Constitution of the United States of America.  He isn’t doing that so far and it is the right and obligation of every American to demand that he do as he has sworn to do.  He owes at least that to you, me, and everyone in these United States.

It breaks my heart to see the country I love brought down in reputation and esteem and to be a laughingstock in the world’s media.


We have become an international punchline because one man with a monumental ego, the people he has surrounded himself with in the White House, and one party are on a giddy path of deploying vengeful racist, sexist, immoral, and unethical policies, actions and behaviors toward their peers and the populace that hasn’t been seen in my lifetime.

That’s just a few things in the first 3 weeks folks…Hmmm

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