Last Minute Valentine’s Day Idea

rosesI’m not about Valentine’s Day.  As a kid I loved the whole exchange of cards in the classroom, in High School there was flower delivery in home room, but as I grew into adulthood, I realized Valentine’s Day is a number of things I really hate:

  • A Hallmark Holiday: A commercialized date for guilting lovers into showing their affection with cards, flowers and other red/pink/heart shaped gift items that are way too expensive;
  • Amateur Night: A night when restaurants overbook, overcharge and make you eat off of a prix-fixe menu of things you don’t want to eat; and
  • A Day of Overblown Expectations: If you are in a new relationship you could be with someone who wants far too early declarations of love, if you’ve been together a while you could be with someone wanting more of a “real commitment” like moving in together or meeting parents , or even worse, if you’ve been exclusive for quite a while, you could be with someone looking for that cliché “Valentine’s marriage proposal.”

I’m not your normal hearts and flowers girl.  Don’t get me wrong, I love romance, but when it comes to the Hallmark holidays, I’m not the girl that wants a guy to go spend excessive money on that stuff.  I did see something simple and thoughtful that I (and pretty much any girl, I think) would love though!

Wrap a Bottle of Wine in a Scarf!  Two Gifts in One!

When making a wine bottle wrap, Bordeaux-style bottles, like those used for Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon and other medium- to full-bodied red wines, are easiest to wrap because they have higher shoulders. It’s also important to use a fabric another than silk due to the weight of the bottles. A pashmina style, like the Jones pink or Collection XIIX paisley from, will work beautifully for under $40. Next time you’re out shopping for wrapping paper, just pick up a few scarves instead and keep them stored at home until it’s time to wrap that next wine bottle or gift box.


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