How’s Trump Week 1 Treating You?

Trump Presidency Day 6:  It’s a good thing I ate a light breakfast this morning, because these headlines made me want to throw up.

President Trump intends to move forward with a major investigation of voter fraud that he says cost him the popular vote, White House officials said Wednesday, despite bipartisan condemnation of his allegations and the conclusion of Mr. Trump’s own lawyers that the election was ‘not tainted.'” The New York Times

tiffanytPart of that investigation is to include weeding out and punishing those who are registered, and supposedly voted, in multiple states.  Do you think he can comprehend that most of his cabinet, his son-in-law, and his youngest daughter are registered in 2 states?

We all remember how appalled Trump was that Secretary Clinton used a private email server, right?  Remember the chants of, “Lock her up!”?  Take a look at this verified headline: Trump White House Senior Staff Have Private Email Server  Um, Pot Meet Kettle!

First he pisses off the scientific community by “disagreeing” with their lifes’ works, then he erases all mentions of global warming/climate change from the White House and other government websites, he freezes all grants and contracts to the scientific community AND imposes a gag order on all employees of the National Parks, EPA, USDA, US Department of Health and Human Services, and other agencies so that they cannot Tweet, send Emails nor comment publicly in their capacity as government employees.  In some cases, via a memo that’s circulating on The Hill, that gag order extends to restrictions on communicating with Congress!  After pubic outcry the USDA lifted their ban on public communications, but as of today, all other departments are still gagged.  Thank God for the rabble rousers over at the National Park Service who started non-government owned Twitter accounts that cannot be shut down!  Other agencies quickly followed suit.

v1Donald Trump has proven that vengeance is his main focus, and this Biggest F You yet to “The Donald” could very well result in mass firings, but I applaud the efforts of those who refuse to be silenced by the Mad Man occupying the Oval Office!

Mass exodus from the State Department:  “the emptying of leadership in the management bureaus” is “disruptive because those offices need to be led by people who know the department and have experience running its complicated bureaucracies.” And, of course, now #TeamTrump are using state run media (Fox News) 😉 to declare that he “Fired them.”  Yeah, I call Bullshit.  They needed them to teach the morons how to run things. UG!

A little levity for the morning

Since Donald Trump has a habit of using the songs of artists who absolutely don’t want their music associated with him, let’s pick one that actually fits him (as much as The Rolling Stones‘  “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” does)

Do you think the Trump administration’s theme song should be:lies-lies-lies-yeah

  1. Lies” by Thompson Twins; or
  2. Highway to Hell” by AC/DC?


Both are far more appropriate choices than “Hail to the Chief.”  Hmmm

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