Damn Dog Peed On the Rug Again!

clean-dog-pee-from-carpetI have a male dog who was perfectly potty trained until our older female dog died last year. Then he picked three spots and he keeps lifting his damn leg in my house!  Two are on the hardwood and they are easily cleaned up, but the third is on the edge of a 16′ shag rug and the edge of my leather reclining couch.

He doesn’t do it during the day when we can catch & correct him, it happens in the middle of the night, after we hear him go outside through the doggy door to pee!  The problem is, we’ve never caught him in the act, try as we might. HMMM

I’ve tried nearly every commercial carpet cleaner, natural cleaners, pet odor removal sprays and nothing has deterred him.  When I was using a wheelchair, when my foot was in a cast, parking it beside the couch kept him from peeing there at night, but he would still hit the other two spots.  I’ve now broken him of the two other spots and I’m “this” close to getting him broken of the corner of the couch, now I am battling to save my rug.

I turned to my standby, Pinterest, for a solution, and my fingers are crossed that finally I have found an odor remover that works.  I don’t want to have to replace this carpet again.


I followed this instruction exactly with three exceptions:

  1. I peeled a large lemon, removed the pith, sliced the peel into strips and dropped them into the bottle;
  2. 1 added more than a few drops of the essential oil; and
  3. I flipped up the edge of the rug, after treating the top side, and also treated the bottom of the rug.  I then put a towel down between the bottom of the rug and the wood floor so that the rug could dry completely but not be lying directly on my hardwood floor.

The reason that I treated the bottom of the rug is that the urine had soaked through to the backing of the carpet.  Since the backing was easily accessible, it made sense to me to attempt to clean both sides and have the best chance at removing the odor completely.

I allowed the carpet to dry about 20 hours before I vacuumed.

  1. Doing the top side first, use a brush to agitate the baking soda so it’s easier to vacuum up.
  2. Once the top side is completely vacuumed, fold the carpet over to expose the bottom.
  3. Repeat the brushing to loosen as much of the baking soda as you can before you start vacuuming.
  4. Before you vacuum the bottom of the rug, clean the floor beneath the rug and place a new clean towel where the towel was placed during drying.
  5. Vacuum the bottom until all of the baking soda is gone.  Use your attachments to get the best suction.
  6. Use your brush one more time and vacuum the bottom again.
  7. Place the rug back in place on top of the towel and re-vacuum the top area as some of the baking soda from the bottom may have come through with the brushing / vacuuming of the bottom.
  8. Once all of the baking soda has been removed from the top, lift up the edge and remove the towel, which should have caught any dust that might have spilled through.

Your carpet should no longer smell of dog urine.

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