Sports Can Be Very Funny!
This sports double entendre may just be one of the funniest moments in recent sports history.  That it happened to hall of fame broadcaster, Bob Miller, pains me, because he is my favorite.  Make sure you click on the link and enjoy.

If you aren’t a hockey fan, you probably don’t get the double meaning of the comment Mr. Miller made in the clip above.  Hockey fans died laughing.  If you are the significant other of a sports fan who seems to have lost their mind because it’s Fall sports season, you have probably begun to also find yourself alone all weekend because you don’t share your significant other’s love of entire days spent watching sports on TV.

While some significant others feel left out, I don’t!  I  LOVE SPORTS.  I watch them all! I haunt Twitter for any information about teams and players I care about and follow my favorite sports writers and on-air personalities. I search the sports talk first on Twitter and, inevitably, end up involved in tweet chats involving my favorite teams.  I take on the big boys with passion (last week I called out ESPN’s Chris Fowler over his obvious Alabama bias during the broadcast and, without defending his bias, he instead debated me about calling those charged with Felonies, “Felons”), I research my positions, I back down when I’m wrong, but I fight to win when I think my position is supported and I’m right.

It may not look like it now, but  I grew up a tomboy!  My mom wanted to buy me cute skirts and dresses but I wanted Toughskins like the other girls and boys at Vejar Elementary.  I didn’t sit in the halls playing paper dolls with the other little girls.  My girlfriends all played every sport at school like I did.  Kickball, tetherball, handball, dodgeball, football in the rain?  I was in!  Team sports?  I played organized and then school soccer, volleyball, and tennis. But softball and basketball were the sports I played from 2nd grade through high school and beyond, and the ones that I loved the most.

If my dad was watching a football, baseball, basketball or hockey game on TV, I was planted right beside him watching and yelling along.  It’s what we did.  I think the hardest day for him was the day he had to tell my mom to make me wear a t-shirt under my softball jersey because he could see my C-Cup bra underneath the mesh.  Poor guy.  I think it was probably the first time he realized I really was a girl and not his oldest son!

I Love:

  • Wearing my favorite team’s colors: #Fight On, #Beat The Bruins, #Go Trojans; #Go Kings Go!, #Beat The Ducks; #Go Lakers;
  • Sitting on the couch, or sitting in a bar yelling & throwing high fives;
  • Eating food I shouldn’t and drinking cold beer; and
  • Cheering wins and feeling the disappointment of losses with friends.

But even if you aren’t one of those who grew up in a household that revolved around sports and sporting events, you can still come and feel like part of the gang!

arodwangdoubentWatch for funny headlines like the one about Alex Rodriguez to the left with it’s hilarious play on words.  Commit them to memory, or even cut them out for reference and throw them into a conversation during the next baseball game you’re watching with rabid baseball fans.  They’ll appreciate your effort.

Don’t zone out while everyone else is watching the game.  Get into it.  Listen to the banter, pay attention to what the announcers are saying about the game even if you don’t understand it, and if you time it perfectly, you may just get to throw out a well timed sports double entendre!  

Some examples of sports double entendres:

  • Watching Basketball?  If someone has the ball and is bouncing it up court (AKA “dribbling”) they are the: Ball Handler.  If you hear someone refer to poor ball handling or they say he has “weak/bad/poor/shitty, etc. ball handling skills” you can whip out a witty comeback of, “I bet he’s great at pocket pool.”
  • In football, when a player is getting tackled it can be said that the opponent, “rode him to the ground.”  Groan!  Alright, it’s crude, but your amongst beer drinking football fans, it’s bound to be a little rough and tumble.
  • Again in basketball, if a team has 3 very tall players on the court, they have. “a lot of length down low.” wink wink

Whip one of these out and you’ll be the one your significant other’s buddies are anxious to have there every time they go out, not just when they are watching games!   You’ll show a little bit of knowledge about the game you’re watching and you’ll be funny too!  Before you know it, you’ll be the one getting the high fives instead of your  significant other!

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