Random Thoughts

Twoosh: What you call a perfect, 140-character tweet. Also how your grandma refers to your behind. It’s the equivalent of a slam dunk on Twitter. #Twoosh there it is.


This gem is from the Daily Skimm (via theskimm.com).  I’m working to incorporate this into a conversation today!

dyed-easter-eggsHere are some things I wish I’d have thought of before Easter.  These are especially good for those who don’t celebrate the religious aspects of the Christian holiday and definitely would have made it a more exciting holiday than in years passed.

Easter Ideas for Adventurous Adults

  • Egg hunts with a twist: Instead of candy inside those plastic eggs, place sexy little notes, inside jokes or clues to the “Golden Egg” of a private scavenger hunt (YOU!) inside for your significant other to find.
  • Create the ultimate couples Easter basket: 1) Massage oil, scented candles, flavored or sensation creating massage oil; 2) Flavored condoms, edible underwear, whipped cream, chocolate syrup; 3) Naughty toy basket – let your imagination run as wild as your partner is willing to go.
  • Sexy Texts: Every time you get a “Happy Easter Text” it’s on!  Grab your SO and wildly make out or grab a quickie.
  • The Bunny Trail: Make a trail of roses, candy, arrows, or any other enticements  that lead to the bedroom.
  • Do Like Rabbits Do: Celebrate the day and get it on as many times as you can.  Try a new position, location or maybe even a new partner…creativity, frequency and spontaneity are the keys.

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