Super Bowl (Yawn!) 50

I have less than zero interest in the teams playing in Super Bowl 50 in two weeks.

Usually I like a couple of the commercials but I can get commercial play by play and see them at my leisure courtesy of Twitter and video sites like YouTube.

Coldplay headlining the halftime show.  Nope.  ZERO INTEREST


It seems a lot of the intended viewers of the game agree with my less than enthusiastic opinion of the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show.  Social Media exploded with disbelief, horror and outright mockery.  The fun continued when athletes, entertainers, late night talk show hosts and publications nationwide joined in on the joke that was the selection of Coldplay as Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show Headliner:

Some of my favorites:

  1. Coldplay is the clip-on-man-bun of bands (@dougbies – Twitter)
  2. Someone should run the concussion protocol on whoever picks Super Bowl halftime talent (@kenwheaton – Twitter)
  3. “shhh! shhh! everyone! Coldplay’s on!” that ought to go over well at the Super Bowl party. (@jasongay – Twitter)
  4. “Super Bowl fans, are you ready to rock? Hope not, because you’re getting Coldplay.” – Adweek
  5. “The one good thing you can say about the Coldplay choice is that they allow everyone to hurl their best insults with impunity.”  – Uproxx
  6. “Was Nickelback busy that weekend or something?” – San Francisco Gate

Reactions like those lead me to believe that the 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show won’t garner anywhere near the number of viewers that Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance in 2015 did.  She drew 121 million viewers, the highest viewership ever for the halftime performance according to Nielsen.  Bruno Mars’ performance in 2014 brought in 115 million, the second highest.


Is it any wonder the NFL quickly scrambled to assure viewers wouldn’t defect by the millions to watch a bunch of adorable puppies scamper about on Animal Planet’s Annual Puppy Bowl, by adding Beyoncé and Bruno Mars?

I’ve decided, for only the second time I can remember (the first time I was planning a funeral and writing a eulogy), to skip the game completely.  Looks like a perfect time to finally see the new Star Wars movie has presented itself.  Hmmm

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