The Peril of Being the “Tech Gal” For Your Own Blog Site

girl-and-computer-victoryI am the first to admit that I am not a technical guru when it comes to writing code, website language and other computer programming / data processing jargon. Frankly I think a 5 year old has more computer literacy than I do where it comes to creating and maintaining a website, but I knew enough to keep the site for my blog up for the past year.

Perhaps I got a little complacent and far too comfortable with how easy my previous domain name registrar / WordPress host made it to communicate to the world via my tongue-in-cheek blog that: I am a girl of many opinions with a salty vocabulary, the gift of gab, and just enough knowledge of navigating the “World Wide Web” to make me dangerous.

That being said, I made the mistake of using a hosted site via a webhost who I will not give the benefit of a mention or further free advertising on the back of my blog, and my site disappeared.  Let’s just say it’s not your Mommy’s company…hmmm

Two weeks of fighting via phone, email and chat box (after being made to wait online 79 minutes to talk with a technical support “expert” and their so called, “Customer Service” has only resulted in them requesting:

  • Site Retrieval Fee (AKA Ransom for my site, which is being held Hostage)
  • Technical Support Fee (For all of their “pleasant” requests for more of my money)
  • Another Month of Pre-Paid Hosting on their “service” from which I could then access a backup to move my site to the new host, whom I am already paying….their crappy “service” is exactly what I was trying to get away from!

hamster-wheelI am sure all can see the hamster wheel that they have kept me on, which has only done one thing:  Delayed my site from re-launching on the new host and thus has caused a break in entertaining and engaging my followers with my daily rants and raves…UGH!

Getting my blog back live has taken weeks and practically an Act of God, but have no fear: I am getting a crash course in backing up my site locally from now on, painstakingly recreating that which I have toiled over for the past year and, come Hell or High Water (which we did get some of this week in otherwise sunny southern California, but I digress), I will now be back live as soon as possible….If you’re reading this, my Herculean task has been accomplished.

These are the current things that are definitely making me go hmmm….

As a reminder, if you are on Facebook and are interested in the things I may not devote an entire blog post to, but that make me wonder, funny quips, photos and other silly things, I have a page followed by more than 1,900 people who find me mildly amusing:

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