20 Free Things On Your Birthday

brow-wax-heroUntil I came across this article in Women’s Health Magazine, I had no idea that so many places wanted to treat me on my birthday!  Damn, I have to wait 9 months to take these 20 places up on their offers:

  1. Starbucks treats you to your favorite drink or perhaps something from their breakfast starbuckspastry selection on your birthday if you are an active member of their Starbucks Rewards for at least 30 days prior to your birthday.
  2. Dunkin Donuts will treat you to a cup of their special brew (it’s pretty darn good) to goDD along with your donut on your birthday if you have one of their DD Perks cards.
  3. Sephora is all about birthday beauty.  If you are a Beauty Insider you’ll get a deluxe set of mini samples.  Currently you can choose between a Tarte lip and cheek set or a Caudalie skin set.
  4. Ulta gives you a free gift on your birthday.  Join the Ultimate Rewards program to get the gift, plus score double points on all purchases made during your birthday month.baskin-robbins
  5. Baskin Robbins if you sign up for a BR account online, you get a free scoop during your birthday month.
  6. Aveda if you’re in the Pure Privilege rewards program you will get a free product gift, plus a certificate for double points on your next purchase.
  7. Benefit offers free brow arching at their U.S. Brow Bar locations.  No purchase or rewards program necessary.  Come in anytime during your birthday week with a valid ID and walk out with well-groomed arches.plenti
  8. Eat at Chili’s and get a free dessert if you have a Chili’s Rewards Card or are involved in the Plenti partnership of stores and providers that allow accumulation of points.
  9. Benihana if you sign up for The Chef’s Table e-newsletter, you’ll get a $30 Benihana gift certificate to use anytime during the month of your birthday.
  10. Buca di Beppo get free cake during your birthday month if you make your reservation online using their special form and bring a valid ID.bww
  11. Buffalo Wild Wings Sign up for the Buffalo Circle newsletter and you’ll get year round deals—including free snack-size wings on your birthday.
  12. Cinnabon you get a free Minibon just for signing up for Club Cinnabon, plus they’ll also send you a free treat via email for your b-day—usually a coupon for a free Minibon or a free coffee.
  13. CVS if you belong to the ExtraCare Beauty Club—you’ll score three dollars in ExtraBucks rewards on your b-day
  14. DSW Sign-up for DSW Rewards and you’ll receive a $5 gift certificate on your birthday.jambaJuiceLogo
  15. Jamba Juice Sign for Jamba Insider Rewards and you can get a free small smoothie on your birthday
  16. Panera Bread Sign up for MyPanera, present your rewards card on your birthday and get a free pastry
  17. Pinkberry  Members of Pinkberry’s loyalty program can treat themselves to a free pinkberrystrawberrybirthday yogurt.
  18. Redbox  Sign up for Play Pass and you’ll get a free one-night birthday rental.
  19. Aunty Anne’s  Download the My Pretzel Perks app to score a free pretzel during your birthday month
  20. IHOP  Sign up to be a part of the Pancake Revolution email club and get a free stack of pancakes.

I am going to have to set up a schedule to make sure I can fit in all of the free things that are out there for birthday celebrants!  Make sure you don’t miss out on any either!

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UG! Bathing Suit Season Has Begun

thiongNot that it ever ends in Southern California, we maybe take a few days off here and there when the temperature dips into the 50’s & 60’s, but, with the arrival of Memorial Day weekend, there is no mistaking that bathing suit season has officially begun.

There is really no excuse for me not to be in  peak bikini shape, having taken 12 days to bask in the Caribbean and Mexican sunshine in March, but what can I say?  I got lazy, I let my tan fade, I fell back in love with my sweatpants, I HAD to test the recipes and visit the restaurants I’ve been reviewing on my food blog: This Girl Loves to Eat, the excuses go on and on…

Now that I’ve made my confession it’s time to repent.

For a while it’ll be:

That’s a lot of goodbyes.  These are some of my very best friends and sources of comfort and joy. 😦

Have no fear my friends, you will be back (in better moderation) in no time!

In their places I commit (grudgingly) to:

  • Eat no fast food for the next 4 weeks
  • Cut out all processed foods
  • Increase my fruit and vegetables
  • In my world Wine is both a Fruit and a liquid – I am not getting rid of my glass of wine and won’t beat myself up for it.  I will drink 2 additional glasses of water for every glass of wine
  • Eat more salad with lean protein
  • Reduce my red meats and add more fish and chicken
  • Have a solid breakfast (oatmeal, fruit, high fiber cereal with skim milk, hard boiled eggs, etc.)
  • Add two snacks a day (late morning/late afternoon)
  • Don’t skip meals
  • No carbs after 5:00 PM
  • Finish eating my last meal of the day by 8:00 PM
  • Cut out desserts and sweets
  • Get off of my butt, dust off my treadmill and re-hang my TRX straps – THEN USE THEM at least 30 minutes a day
  • Become part of the “Gallon A Day” club

What is the Gallon a Day Club?  The Gallon a Day Club is a commitment to drink 128 US Gallons of Water every day for 4 weeks (28 days).  Today is my day 1.

gallonwaterDid you know that a gallon of water weighs 8.34 Pounds?  Right now you are probably thinking the same thing I am: WTF??? I am trying to lose the pudge, not add to it!  Patience young Jedi 😉 there is supposedly a method to this madness.

  • Drinking a gallon of water a day leaves less room for food, or idle snacking during the day, which prevents overeating.  Hmmm
  • Skin becomes smoother, more supple, glowing.  Less acne, fewer wrinkles, less dullness?  Sign me up!
  • Water helps you flush more of the toxins that tend to build up in your body.  128 ounces in will push themselves, and some more to boot, out in your many trips to pee.  In addition, being well hydrated makes constipation a memory and helps push out more poop too!
  • Cold Water Burns Calories.  Your body has to work harder (i.e. warm up/use calories) when you are drinking 128 ounces of ice cold water.
  • Metabolic rate increases about 30% after drinking 2 cups of water.  Boost your metabolism+burn more calories=lose more weight.
  • Drinking more water means fewer headaches since headaches can be triggered by dehydration.
  • Proper hydration: gets rid of puffiness and dark eye circles, helps you wake with more energy, and reduces acne flare ups.
  • All of this has been said to remove up to 10 years from your face!  I’ll take that.

Day 1 photos have been taken and fingers are crossed that day 28 photos reveal all of these good things plus the loss of a few pounds, some puffiness and the return of the angles in my face!  Hmmm indeed.

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