Buyer Beware!

kobe-bryant-final-game-shoesMy birthday and Christmas are three days apart so my husband just usually asks me what I want.  Last year it was power tools so I could work on projects.  This year I wanted a new pair of basketball shoes, a pair of Kobe XI’s to be exact.  I wasn’t even being particularly picky about the color, although I really love the black and gold ones he wore in his very last game.  I didn’t think it was too much to ask.

I love shoes.  Anyone who knows me knows that.  I love my sneakers but have dozens of pair of cowboy boots, hiking boots, heeled and riding boots, strappy high heels, fancy pumps, wedges, sandals, fancy flip flops, and other girly shoes that are outfit specific. Sometimes that leads me to make impulsive buys.  I have learned my lesson after this doozy!


  • In November I found a “too-good-to-be-true” website  that advertised they had Pink Kobe and Jordan basketball shoes in stock, so I immediately ordered a pair of bright pink Air Jordan basketball shoes in my size & anxiously awaited their arrival.
  • I waited and waited but they never came.
  • Finally, two weeks later I received an email in broken English (they claimed to be in the UK) telling me that the shoe I ordered wasn’t available, advising me to choose one of the shoes they’d pasted into the email (different style and awful colors) or one from their website, and they’d ship that instead.
  • I had wanted that specific shoe.  No shoes on their site (that I liked) were available in my size.  I advised them of situation and requested a refund.  Another week passed.
  • An email received from a new address hmmm, that’s not
  • If I want a refund I only get 70%.  WTF?  Nowhere on the site (I read every term and condition) or on my receipt does it say that!
  • Grudgingly I choose a pink Nike running shoe in a style I’ve worn before.
  • Another email, another shoe unavailable, another, “If I want a refund I only get 70%” email.  Anyone else feel like they’re on a hamster wheel?
  • I went to their live chat in hopes of getting out of email Hell, only to state my problem and see the notification that, “A support staff member has joined the chat,” and then I sat and waited…It’s been an hour and 25 minutes now and I am still waiting for a response.
  • There isn’t a way for me to post a review to their site, although there are many (with the same shared poor use of English) reviews, or I would!

Needless to say, I have not agreed to accept the 70% refund!  I am calling my bank tomorrow to let them know of the situation so that I can dispute the charge and have them refund it to me.  But let this serve as a warning to all:  Do not, under any circumstances, buy shoes from

I did get a pair of Kobe’s for my birthday. 🙂  They weren’t the black and gold ones but they were shipped from the United States, they fit and there were no customer service nightmares with them.  There’s something to be said for that.  Hmmm

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