Do You Work At A Desk All Day?

duck-foot-mobileIf you work at a desk all day do this quick test.

Stand up and look at your toes.

Are they pointed out like a ducks feet?

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but you have tight hip flexors, which is one way your body is harmed by sitting at a desk all day.  It’s time for you to start stretching.

This October 24th article from Men’s Health Magazine is one you might want to take a look at or you can read on and watch the video below.  I’d actually rather you read on 😉

In just a few one minute sessions throughout your day you an undo the tangle your muscles have become while sitting at your desk which will ease the pain in your knees, hips & back and improve your results at the gym.

The stretch is called the “elevated pigeon stretch.”  The elevated pigeon stretch:

  • opens hips
  • helps get “duck feet” realigned when standing
  • reduces lower back pain
  • reduces knee pain
  • improves performance on squats and dead lifts
  • helps you run faster
  • helps you jump higher

If you are at all familiar with Yoga, then you recognize this as a variation of pigeon pose.  Changing the height can alter how it feels in your hips. 

You can do it during the day in minute breaks at your desk, before a lower body workout, or even during commercial breaks while you’re watching TV.

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