I’ve Had it With The 2016 Election!

election2106I have had all I can stand of the 2016 Presidential campaign!  There were stories today that the people of America needed to hear more about before they make a moral and ethical call on the candidate who will be best suited to lead us into the next four years and beyond, but the television media didn’t cover them.

Yesterday the media uproar was all about Donald Trump calling Miss Universe 1996 a slob, pig, etc., and how he fat shamed her well before it became a “thing” on Twitter and Facebook, instead of covering Newsweek’s bombshell on Trump sending an advisor to Cuba and spending money there during the embargo then trying to cover it up after the fact as a catholic charities trip.

Today, instead of continuing on the illegal Cuba spending coverage, the media has shifted to Donald’s intent to smear Secretary Clinton with the decades old story of her responses to getting blindsided by her husband’s affair (s), instead of covering another bombshell that hit the wires last night regarding the legitimacy of The Trump Foundation.

Two weeks ago all any news channel was doing was hunting up John & Mary Q. Public to see how they feel about Hillary not sharing that she went to the doctor, got antibiotics to clear up the nagging cough & congestion in her chest (a.k.a. the “walking pneumonia”) Friday, then ignored her doctor telling her to take the weekend off, so John/Mary Q. Public went on the record stating “that” makes her untrustworthy.

Hour upon hour of coverage listening to pundits interpreting “what she was thinking not telling America she has what is equivalent to a really bad chest cold!” We have HIPAA people!  With her permission, her doctors have given the results of her most recent physical, which was obviously before her doctor appointment last Friday, and he provided the press and all interested parties a report of overall good health.  Sometimes people are going to get sick, sometimes people go to the doctor because they have an infected ingrown toenail, sometimes they need an antifungal cream,  Viagra, prescription strength vitamins, etc.  There is no reason that routine visits to or by the doctor are anyone’s business but hers and her doctor.  Once Mr. Trump’s doctor has given his report of his overall health and fitness, he is under no obligation to hold a press conference every time any minor ailment comes up for him either.  HIPAA protects us all from those intrusions in our privacy!

Married or single, gay or straight, and with or without children, women in the 21st Century wear many different hats.  They can be:

  • stay at home mothers or homemakers;
  • members of the 9 to 5 work force;
  • members of the military;
  • single parents working multiple jobs;
  • students;
  • owners of corporations or small businesses;
  • politicians;
  • volunteers, or community activists;
  • part time employees;
  • unemployed and looking for work;
  • unemployed by choice;
  • or retired and loving it.

No matter what hat they wear, they all are highly likely to have one thing in common: they burn the candle at both ends to make sure that everyone they are responsible for is clothed, fed and happy before they even consider taking care of themselves. Does no one consider that this is likely the case with a woman who happens to also be running for president of the United States of America?

Apparently Donald Trump, Mike Pence, the vast majority of the media covering this Presidential election don’t want you to consider it to be the case and they want as much doubt to be cast Secretary Clinton’s way as possible so they have just a tiny bit more hope that they can somehow convince the voting public that someone who has easily handled the responsibility of being, among many other things:  Lawyer, Children’s Advocate, wife, mother, grandmother, First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of The United States of America, Senator for the State of New York and Secretary of State for the United States of America; somehow is just not mentally qualified or able to stand up to the physical requirements of being President of the United States of America.

Having nothing substantive to say about their candidate, the Trump campaign pounced on a grainy video showing Secretary Clinton losing her footing getting into her vehicle as she left the 9/11 15th Anniversary gathering at the former site of the World Trade Center.  She’d been battling the cough, as we’d all seen reported, for a few weeks and, the warm day, large crowd, highly emotional retelling of the terror and sorrow of September 11th, 2001, combined with dehydration made her feel dizzy, so she sought out her secret service team after 90 minutes so she could go to her daughter’s nearby home to rest.  Obviously, she waited just a few minutes too long, as her dizziness caused her to stumble as she stepped off the curb to step into the vehicle and the stories spun from there.  Once she reached her daughter’s home drank some water and cooled off she began feeling much better.  Conspiracy theorists suggested a body double replaced her. COME ON!  Maybe her hair looked different because she took a cool shower to refresh.  WTF People?

It’s no big news that people get sick occasionally.  But, according to the Trump Campaign, Mike Pence, some within the Republican National Committee, many of the talking heads on the cable news networks and pundits across the internet, Hillary Clinton is not only not allowed to get run down and catch a common cold or the flu, but if she says she has, the RNC says there must be a giant Democratic Party conspiracy to hide a much more serious ailment (cue the body double LMAO).  This woman, the first in modern history to be the candidate of a major party for the highest office in the land, is under a scrutiny that is unprecedented and bordering on violating her rights!

If Secretary Clinton’s campaign, when announcing her weekend schedule, had simply made a statement mentioning the visit to get a prescription to knock out the lingering cough and mild related upper respiratory irritation, the stumble getting into the vehicle might have been a non-story.  The truth, that she was dehydrated (antibiotics can be very hard on the body while helping it heal) and just needed to get out of the sun and get something cool to drink, might have helped to avoid the excessive speculation and negative coverage today.

If, on the other hand, Mr. Trump had been overheated/dehydrated, showing signs of fatigue from the grueling schedule that is being maintained by both candidates for President in this election, and had lost his balance stepping down from a curb and up into his vehicle, it would have been highly unlikely that there would have been the wild speculation that he has some unrevealed or terminal illness.  He’s a man and an excuse would have been made that he tripped, it would have been laughed off, lampooned by the late night hosts, and the topic would have been dropped.  We saw that truth when Trump sniffled and gulped water during the first Presidential Debate when he was getting schooled by Secretary Clinton.

The late night guys got their jokes in, the mainstream media suggested he was coming down with a cold, internet conspiracy theorists deduced that he had “obviously” snorted Adderal or Cocaine, and then a couple of days later the subject was dropped.

Secretary Clinton has been campaigning on her merits as a stateswoman of experience and knowledge of the players and situations that are challenging the World and the United States, while Mr. Trump’s campaign has utilized attack ads, negativity and divisive social issues that bring out the hate and ugliness in his supporters.

Trump focuses on racist fears, he accuses others of improprieties without concrete proof: he implied that Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs (like those perpetrated by the thrice married Mr. Trump himself, about which he pled the 5th 97 times during his 1st divorce deposition, and documented in a recent book ) are somehow a negative reflection on Hillary’s potential as a President, he goes off on rants and makes wild accusations, and he applies ugly monikers (“Crooked Hillary“) hoping that his ugly reality show performance will keep the attention of the haters and “conspiracy theorists” long enough to get them to come out to the polling places and cast their votes for him in November.

His campaign’s lack of clear agenda & his frequent change of message and campaign staff turnover has been a sideshow:

Because they don’t want to defend the actions noted above and have nothing to say defend their candidate’s lack of knowledge of world affairs, experience with international diplomacy, or ability to lead our nation with 6 weeks to go before election day, the Trump Campaign is instead heading back into the gutter and continuing to fight for electoral votes as if they are lobbying for viewer votes on a reality show.

In the end, I have to believe that knowledge of what is morally right vs wrong is going to lead Americans to make a decision against hate, racism, sexism, and every other ugly thing that Trump stands for, by voting against him.  I do know that I am done watching another minute of the horrific media coverage that is attempting to sway voters by refusing to give viewers an unbiased, unsensationalized look at the candidates!

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