The Last Straw

Divorce-ARTI came across an article this morning that gave me pause.  It was entitled, “19 Divorced People Answer ‘What Was the Final Straw?‘  Having had the thought a few times over the course of my 25 year relationship and 16 year marriage, morbid curiosity led me to click on the link and see what led the people, who posted their responses on  Reddit, to finally say enough is enough.

All I have to say before I summarize the reasons they gave is, you can’t make this crap up!

Real Life Marriage Breaking Points

  • Over 10 years of marriage, his wife gained 170 lbs.  He supported and encouraged her weight loss attempts.  He got an old jersey out of his closet and found it didn’t fit due to the 15 pounds he’d gained over their 10 years of marriage.  He mentioned he’d need to go get a new one, she responded with, “We’re not blowing money on a stupid jersey. You’ll just have to lose weight.”  Yep, he was done! 😐
  • 10 years into the marriage, his formerly non-religious wife stated, “You’re going to Hell for believing in dinosaurs.”  He was done, but really?  Over that?  Hmmm
  • Here’s a deal breaker: “When I came home to find her sister’s husband naked in my bed.”
  • “The day after my father died (which happened to be Thanksgiving Day) my husband erased and reset my phone. Everything on it gone. Pictures of my dad with my daughter, pictures that only I had. He did it knowing that I had not backed up my phone and it wasn’t connected to the cloud either.”  Sounds like a real control freak she should’ve left well before this….
  • “…peeked into a jewelry bag at what I thought was my Christmas gift, on Christmas morning got a goddamn Nook instead. I was confused until a week later, via Facebook snooping, I saw his ‘friend’ showing off the gift.” There’s a real peach for you!
  • Ahhh the never satisfied wife: “When I did all the chores for us to have a relaxing weekend. I vacuumed the apartment, cleaned everything, did the bathroom, went grocery shopping ($250+), washed two loads of clothes and hung them to dry, new bed sheets, made dinner that was on the table when she got home. And all during the day I sent her texts telling her what I did. Her reaction when she got home? WHY HAVEN’T YOU DONE THE DISHES?!”
  • This one wanted to have his cake and eat it too:  “My husband was cheating. I found out, and instead of immediately dumping his ass, I said, ‘Let’s try to work this out, but you have to dump the girlfriend.’ His response: ‘But what if you and me don’t work out?’ DIRECT F—ING QUOTE. And THAT was the final straw.”
  • The stark reality of this one cuts right to the heart of it: “The one they kept snorting coke with.”
  • Financial control broke this marriage up:  “When he handed me several spreadsheets laying out every time I stopped for a drink at McDonalds ($1) on my way to/from running errands across the city in the desert. He then took my bank ATM card and cut it up. Because I got a drink, I wasn’t allowed to use or have any cash, it all had to be accounted for at all times.”
  • Can we all say “Asshole” together: “Called to tell him my mom had just died and he said, ‘Ok’ and nothing else.”
  • It is obviously ALL ABOUT HIM all the time:  “Him leaving the hospital when I was in labor with our daughter because I was whiny. It stressed him out. For me to be whiny.”
  • Another “All About Him” scenario:  This woman was hospitalized for appendicitis, released the next day to rest.  Husband comes to pick her up, but sits in the car about a block away and makes her to walk to him.  He took the day off but not to help her, he spent the day in bed or playing PC games. He refused to go grocery shopping because ‘that was her job,’ so she asked him to pick up dinner which led to a fight that ended with: ‘Well we can get a divorce if you want!’ She said, ‘Yes please. I’ve actually been thinking about that for a while.'”
  • Another  version of the same old story:  “I came home early from work because of a migraine. Found him in bed with my best friend. Oddly, I was more hurt by her behavior than his. Broomed them both that day.”
  • Never marry someone who can’t separate her gaming life from her real life: “She flew to Texas to spend spring break with a man she met on World of Warcraft .”
  • They say tragedy strengthens or destroys marriages…: “It was 3 days after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. I was a police officer in New Orleans and was standing on the levee at the NOLA/JP line. My wife and small child relocated to my father’s house a few hundred miles away…We established a checkpoint at the NOLA/JP line. Someone passing through the checkpoint had a Nextel phone (which were the only cell phones that could get a signal out). I stood on top of the levee so I could get a good signal and managed to get a call to my wife. The only thing she did was complain about ‘how hard’ everything was on her without once asking me if I was safe or even if I was okay.”

Kind of makes the usual day-to-day complaints pale in comparison.  Hmmm

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