National Best Friends Day

dyed-easter-eggsRather than go on a rant about the made up holidays I see popping up on my Twitter Feed everyday, I’m going to play along nicely on this one.

I have 2 very very very best friends.  One who’s known and loved me since we were tweens and another I was lucky enough to acquire via marriage.  The marriage didn’t last buy my forever friendship did.  For that I am extremely thankful.  I am also thankful of my mini-herd of great friends that all could easily, and have, slip into BFF duties when the occasion has called for it.

So, since I decided to play along nicely, I am going to share my favorite best friend memes in honor of this made-up-holiday.

I hope all of my Extreme Blonde Moments followers have their own set or herd of BFF’s and can get a little giggle out of memories of shenanigans, drunken disasters, proper occasions spent together, inappropriate behavior, and other times that will be taken to your grave. Hmmm…

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