Product Review: Ped Egg Powerball

pedicureI spend $75 every two weeks getting a gel fill on my fingers and a “Spa” pedicure.  Somehow, despite that unreasonably high charge, the calluses on my feet never seem to get dealt with (even when I pay the extra for “callus removal”) nor do they become any softer.  It’s frustrating to say the least.

pedegg-powerball-pivoting-callus-remover-set-d-20151204094858647~455041_100Yesterday, while sneaking off to Rite Aid to get a scoop of Thrifty Ice Cream, I walked the aisles to kill some time and ended up in front of the “As seen on TV” display.  I saw the usual unexciting things and then did a double take when I saw a product that I hadn’t seen before:  Ped Egg Powerball.  With a swiveling head and ability to be recharged (instead of running on expensive batteries), it looked interesting enough that I spent the $19.99 and left with one to give it a try.

The box instructions left a bit to be desired, so I headed to the internet to see if there was anything I needed to know, like, could I use it in the bath tub?

The first thing I noticed about the website was that I seemed to have gotten a good price.  The website advertised it at $29.99.  I didn’t get the 3 replacement rollers or the fancy organza carrying bag though, so the $10 was likely a wash.  The website also promised me:

  • Beautiful younger looking, baby smooth feet
  • Easily buffed away calluses, dead skin, or dry and rough skin in seconds
  • A painless, blade free experience
  • Can be used on “Men’s callused hands” as well

What did not give me was the ability to buy the add-ons, any instructions or warnings.  Hmmm

I did a google search and found other sites selling the Ped Egg Powerball, but found the same lack of additional information and also some alarmingly low ratings – averaging 1 star.

According to Sue K, who bought it 2 months ago at Bed, Bath & Beyond, (who at least will take it back no questions asked)  it doesn’t work, stops running at the least application of pressure, and she could do a better job with a loofa.  UG!

Finally I came across the official website, but again, not a lot of useful information.

  • There was an accessories section, but no ability to buy replacement rollers
  • The F.A.Q. section only answered shipping/ordering questions
  • The Testimonials section had zero reviews…

Since I had struck out in my search for warnings and instructions, I forged ahead and just assumed that I can’t use it in water and that, after reading Consumer Reports and other reviewers, I should expect it to be slower/less powerful than advertised.

45 Minutes later and I’m not impressed.  First I stood at the counter with my left foot, which has a thicker callus on the heel and big toe than my right, and tried the Ped Egg Powerball (with a full charge) dry.

  • If I pushed with any pressure at all the roll came to a stop
  • To the promises of:  Easily Buffed Away Dry Skin, Dead Skin & Calluses in Seconds – NOPE nothing fast or easy about the process;  Painless Experience – Yes, it barely registered as more than a tickle;

Because I seemed to be getting nowhere fast, and I had a hot bath with dead sea salts waiting for me, I decided to have a good long soak and attack it again after my skin was softened up.  I soaked for 30 minutes, shaved with coconut oil (which also then ended up in my bath, then dried off and immediately gave the Ped Egg Powerball another shot.  I still ran into the same pressure issue, but it seemed to do a much better job after the hot bath, salts and oil to soften the work areas up.  I did notice that the roller seemed to gum up pretty quickly and that makes me feel like they would need to be replaced fairly often with regular use…HMMM

Final opinion:  It’s not the worst $19.99 I’ve ever spent, but I have a hard time spending an additional $15.99 plus shipping every time I need new rollers.  The only way I’ll be using it in the future is if I remember to charge it while I am taking a bath and feel like spending an extra 15 minutes doing what would take me 5 minutes in the tub with a pumice stone. It eventually does what it promises if you take the additional steps and time to help it work a little less hard, so I’d give the Ped Egg Powerball only 2 stars out of 5 for performance and only 1 out of 5 for a good value – considering the lack of replacement rollers included and the cost (+ difficulty) to acquire more.

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