They Won’t Forget The Gift You Bought

That season is quickly approaching.  The dreaded Summer Wedding Season.  But before it arrives, there will be the obligatory bridal showers, couples showers and bachelor & bachelorette parties to attend.

Of course, you’ll be obligated to bring gifts to some of those gatherings, but have no fear, once you’ve purchased the mandatory registry item for the couple’s wedding, I’ve come across some gift ideas that will come as a very welcome change of pace when showering the bride and groom separately or together.

campfireironsFor the couple that’s always at the River, would rather be camping, loves bonfires at the beach, or spends nearly every weekend by their fireplace/fire pit in the backyard:  Courtesy of Etsy, give them this stainless steel couple with wood handles that are perfect for roasting a pair of fluffy marshmallows or a nice firm frank over the fire.  If you’re really splurging, throw in a package of jet-puffed marshmallows.

seensayrestaurantsFor the couple that rarely eats at home, has lots of choices, but can never decide where to eat, give them this genius idea that I saw on Pinterest:  Buy a See-And-Say type children’s talking toy.  Using stickers, write the name of area restaurant choices and apply the stickers over the (in this case) farm animals the arrow can land on.  Now your friends can stop arguing over where to eat. 😉

buttbeardpillowcasesAnother fun find from Etsy for that couple that never seems to leave the bedroom:  A pair of coordinating pillowcases – choices include:  I Love Her Butt / I Love His Beard;  Little Spoon/Big Spoon;  I’m Crazy/I Like Crazy;  I’m Weird/ I Like Weird

corkandbeercapsIf your friends are part of the drinking class, like to throw a few back and otherwise have a good time will having a beer or few and some wine:  This set of His and Her shadowbox frames for collecting corks and bottle caps should suit them just fine!

beachchairIf you’re showering your favorite river, lake or beach loving bride to be, bachelorette, or even birthday girl:  This ultimate beach chair is more than calling her name!  If the two of you share that passion then you better get one for yourself too!

doorhangerorganizerWould your favorite bride forget her head if it weren’t attached?  Poke a little good-natured fun at your forgetful Bridezilla if you dare with this door hanger organizer that reminds her not to forget things like her glasses, keys, phone, important papers, etc.

Some other things to consider giving a highly stressed bride-to-be would be a day of pampering of any kind: A massage at somewhere local like a Massage Envy; if you know where she gets her mani-pedis done, treat her;  has she been complaining about something she hasn’t been able to get done, like a pet grooming?  Get referrals for a local mobile groomer and buy her a gift card for her pampered pooch to get a treatment that she doesn’t have to leave the house for.  The key is to be creative.

These kind of gifts really work for any occasion and beat the routine gift card for dinner any day!

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