Being Press Secretary For Trump Is A No Win Job

trump_spicerI don’t envy the job of White House Press Secretary for this Administration.  The job is never going to be a cake walk, especially in a 24 hour news cycle that changes by the minute, but Sean Spicer (who I am no fan of on a good day) has a particularly difficult job made more challenging by a non-compliant President who feeds the ravenous alligators tasty morsels via frequent tantalizing tweets that other Press Secretaries absolutely didn’t have to deal with.

Consider this scenario:

Inauguration day:  Aerial drone photos are taken of the crowds gathering on the Mall. Side by side comparisons are made between the 2009 crowd and the 2017 crowd.  The National Parks Service, using an established and accepted method to estimate the crowd size, gives their rough estimate of 250,000 on The Mall.  Instead of accepting the side by side shots as fact and simply moving on, there are accusations of the media lying and subversive attempts by the White House to force the National Parks Service to doctor the photographs to make the crowds larger…  The White House then send Spicer out to face the press with lies that he was told to read to them as the official statement.  He looked like an idiot and it was only made worse when Presidential Adviser, Kellyanne Conway, made the now infamous gaffe when she referred to Spicer’s statement as, “alternative facts.”

You kind of have to admire the daily linguistic gymnastics he does trying to:

  • Justify the flow of controversial Executive Orders;
  • Address the latest protest, march or threatened march against the increasingly unpopular President;
  • Address why POTUS has spent 3 out of his first 4 weekends in office, at great taxpayer expense, hosting dignitaries and Cabinet replacement hopefuls, at the very technologically insecure Trump owned resort in Florida, where he holds meetings in front of other club members, instead of at the White House;
  • Address the latest rumors, leaks and beltway gossip flying;
  • Address the rapidly falling (and conflicting) approval polls;
  • Address questions from the press as to why POTUS is out speaking at campaign type rallies instead of taking care of business in Washington, D.C.;
  • Make sense of the lies and made up world events spoken and tweeted out by POTUS;
  • Creatively spin the questionable pasts of some of Trump’s more controversial nominees and appointees (when they aren’t resigning or being walked out by White House Security for failing FBI background checks); while at the same time
  • Begging the media to be nicer to the overly popularity conscious POTUS,

Let’s face it.  Sean Spicer’s job sucks and he has a really shitty boss.  Saturday Night Live parodies him, by having Melissa McCarthy hilariously play him, to HUGE ratings, and he gets derided by his boss because a woman played him.  Yeah.  It sucks to be Sean Spicer.


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