Soft to Shredded in 60 Days

shoppingI’m skeptical but that’s what PiYo promises.

Foot surgery to install plates & screws in my right foot, immediately followed by a 3 1/2 week bout with bronchitis/pneumonia/strep has left me feeling weak and soft.

I bought the PiYo videos before my surgery, exactly 20 weeks ago tomorrow, because it promised that I’d be able to get definition without weights or jumping.  The weights don’t bother me, but impact isn’t my friend right now, and I’m not exactly sure when it will be again…


So I am prepared to start my 60 days.  The first thing I’m supposed to do is measure myself, weigh myself, and review the diet suggestions to get the best results.  All in all, it looks like something I can manage.

  • I already follow many of the diet guidelines
  • I just need to find the motivation to get started
  • I know that there will be pain in my foot
  • I realize that modifications in some of the movements will be necessary to accommodate the changed angles my foot can achieve
  • I need to stop the excuses and start today

All of this was spurred on by an article in Shape Magazine with a picture of a girl with ripped abs under a headline: How Long Should it Take to See Muscle Definition? Their answer was anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on your intensity and diet.  Well THAT was vague.  Starvation would make it happen even faster….duh!

The article did remind me that I have the PiYo videos, that I have been sitting around for 5 months, and it’s time to stop doing that so I can get back into my favorite jeans, so I guess it served a purpose.  Of course I probably should first remember where I put those videos I bought.  :0  HMMM

Good thing it’s still early afternoon.  I have a couple of hours to remember where I put them before my workout time is scheduled.  UG! #OneDayAtATime

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